Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Sunday Site: Muggle Quidditch

I've decided to start posting info on cool nerdy stuff I find every Sunday. It's my little way of making sure I keep blogging. The stuff I find might not be new to you but it's definitely new to me, so let me know in the comments if you've heard of this stuff before or not.

Anyway, for the first Sunday Site, we're going to be taking a look at Muggle Quidditch. Yeah, that's right, Muggle Quidditch, a game based on Wizard Quidditch from the popular Harry Potter book series.

You can find out how to play Muggle Quidditch through this wikiHow page. It all seems far to complicated for me, especially since I have no coordination whatsoever and not even a super nerdy in a sort of awesome way sport can lure me into any organized physical activity whatsoever. However, were somebody to start a team near me I would happily stand on the sidelines and cheer them on. At least I understand it somewhat, unlike football. I hate football. (For international readers I mean american football, not your football which we happen to call soccer. I actually kind of like soccer. I might have played it if I'd had any encouragement in pursuing it whatsoever. Thanks mom and dad. It's all your fault.) But I digress.

It's things like this that show just how few true Harry Potter fans I have in my life. It turns out I have 2 friends that I know of that have actually read all the Harry Potter books. and I think one immediate family member. and yeah, one of those friends is definitely a Harry Potter Nerd. She can recite all of book one by heart. It's scary. So how am I just learning about this again? I'm not TOO far behind on HP trends though. I know my Sirius/Remus slash, and my Wizard Rock.

And after reading further, while I wouldn't be a player, I might not mind being the snitch. It would be like an extended game of tag where I do one of my favorite activities (wandering aimlessly) at a high speed (running instead of wandering.) I could do that, just make sure the seekers are hot.

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