Sunday, May 02, 2010


I did it again. This time it's been 5 months (as if anyone even reads this anyway). I've just been totally busy with class, and I've been thinking through a few ideas for stories and still haven't managed to pin one down to focus my time on. I have about four ideas floating around, and I keep jumping from one to the other. Maybe I'll eventually just finish them all at the same time and suddenly have four completed stories after having none.

I think my main problem is that all the ideas are vastly different. Two are sort of supernatural horror stories, One is an idea for a series about a werewolves with a teen audience in mind, and no, that one is nothing like Twilight. It's much darker. and the last one is an idea for a series of novels about a group of time travelers that would be in a sequence similar to Harry Potter in that as the characters age so would the target audience. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's kind of like how in the first Harry Potter the main characters are 11, and the story is written in such a way that it's primary appeal is to kids around 11 years old. The content certainly matured that way. The 7th book, the one in which the main characters are all 17, is clearly targeted to an older teen audience. I hope that makes sense, but I'm just kind of writing this on the fly, the same way I write all my other posts.

Anyway, the last idea about the time travelers, I'm really into that one right now. Especially since the story I have in my head is ridiculously fun. I first had the idea for it last summer, and it's weird that as this summer is starting, so my interest in the idea is reigniting at the same time.